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Don't be a victim of the Coder Shortage.

Single point of access to 4200 hard-to-find senior IT talents with skills & culture relevant to your needs.

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Location Specialists Delivery Industry Date
Senior Software Developer
Remote work Media 26 Apr, 2022
Fullstack Vue+Java Developer
Remote work Finance/Insurance 25 Apr, 2022
Mobile App Platform Dev Team
Remote work Car Sharing 19 Apr, 2022
Oracle SOA Developers
Remote work IT Services 19 Apr, 2022
Integration Specialist
Remote work Telecom 13 Apr, 2022

The way we make it work:

Clever single-contact arrangement to extend your talent pool

Single agreement, integration & account manager to enable access to an untapped talent pool of 4200 top experts.

On-board the talent you need, not the talent you get

With 360-degree view of the market, experts with best culture & skill fit will be knocking on your door.

Deliver your brand promises and build a better future

We are there for search & on-boarding, compliance & delivery. We learn your culture & processes to truly support your success.

Who is allies for

Cutting-edge software services companies

You will no longer miss a tender because of talent shortage.

Build the future with a balanced, happy & motivated team.

Internationalizing high growth companies

Top international talent does not know borders.

Gain access to tier 1 talent to succeed at scale.

Large businesses that embrace digitization

Leap further with extended view on the expert market.

Critical, niche skills are no longer hard to find.

Give your business the Allies Advantage

Wave goodbye to the Coder Shortage

Regional talent shortage can only be solved by penetrating untapped expert markets.

We've spent the past two years building an ecosystem of pre-vetted developers who's skills, experience & culture match our customers' requirements.

We help you go truly remote

Not long ago, Gartner et al. suggested that the future of work is location independent and remote. Fast forward to 2020, and that's now the reality.

We'll be with you to embrace this change and to build a winning organization that knows no borders.

You dictate the requirements, we handle the rest

No more continuous negotiations, compliance, culture and quality issues with individual vendors. 360-degree market view means you get the best of what is out there.

It's our responsibility to learn your needs, business challenges & culture so you could get the right service, every time.

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