Report: How to increase EBITDA through staffing? The fact based view

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Lack of coders hinders the rate at which businesses and communities around the world are being digitized. We believe our work of eliminating the shortage of experts from software companies is therefore incredibly important to the society.

We offer one solution to a huge problem.

Our approach is to bring the best talent onto one single platform, thereby vastly extending the talent network of our customers. This enables fast and efficient onboarding of the right talent into the project, helping customers offer better service to their clients, resulting in faster growth.
In fact, we are the highest IRR generating talent fulfillment solution on the market. And we can prove it.

Allies' talent pool receives the work that they deserve.

It is not just the customer who wins. We enable talented people, regardless of their physical location, receive the work they deserve from the best companies and projects throughout Europe. The future of work is remote, flexible and full of great opportunities – we are here to enable that.

Strong team and support at your service.

Allies is much more than just a venture-backed startup. Our core team, vendor network, coders, freelancers, supporters and clients form a community that works relentlessly to eliminate the coder shortage and boosts digitizing society further.

Our team of industry experts

We take full responsibility for the service we provide & the talent we bring.

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