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Allies helps Gofore grow internationally

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Growing at a quicker pace than the market, Gofore is able to offer Allies more diverse expertise in multiple price categories.

Gofore is going quickly. In fact, so quickly that the company has clearly outgrown the current software services market.

We need international cooperation to accelerate international growth in particular. Allies is one of the key enablers of our growth.

Harri Mansikkamäki, Head of International Business Development

The offer to the OECD was quick and easy.

Gofore is an increasingly active player in European public procurement tenders. They often require a large number of experts and sometimes special expertise or geographical location that Gofore itself may not have.

Currently, the demand for coders is greater than the supply. If we were to compete only with Gofore's experts, we would often have nothing to offer. Allies is a great partner to help us achieve these goals.

Harri Mansikkamäki

Allies provided The CVs quickly and were part of Gofore's bid to obtain a framework agreement with the OECD. Allies were able to provide Gofore with 50 well-defined CVs per week.

The CVs we received have been really good and of high quality. They have diversified our overall offering. For example, we were able to provide the customer with SAP experts, which we have little in Gofore's own factors.

Harri Mansikkamäki

Mansikkamäki also appreciates Allies saying directly if something can’t be helped.

The OECD offer was made quickly. We presented our needs and we took a couple phone meetings, after which we got the CVs in order. Allies is a good partner because the discussion is transparent. They also communicate with me clearly if something doesn't make sense to them. I appreciate that.

Allies' help and transparent pricing enable a wider range of offerings.

According to Harri Mansikkamäki, Allies' way of operating is especially suitable for companies that want to grow agilely. High-quality CVs and a flexible way of providing quick, targeted assistance to support growth.

The advantage for us is that we are able to offer a larger package for larger competitions. Allies' transparent pricing also makes it easier to bid when we know the price range between the available experts.

In Finland, which is suffering from a shortage of coders, there are simply not enough experts in the free market for Gofore's needs for all projects that require senior-level expertise.

We are fighting against the giants in the international market. That's when we need more shoulders. English is the working language in international projects, and customers are increasingly open to using remotely working teams. This provides great opportunities for international cooperation on the supplier side as well.

For Gofore, as a buyer of coding services, it is important for the service provider to be able to provide a comprehensive network and get agents to the teams quickly.

On the other hand, the offer must also have patience, as many of Gofore’s customers are from the public sector where decision-making processes can be lengthy.

We understand that we are together on these projects and that developing the business requires long-term work. Working with Allies is direct and immediate, positive and very flexible.

Wondering how Allies can help your business overcome the coder shortage? Contact Priit Pavelson: or +372 555 83 271 (English & Finnish).