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Allies gave Solita an immediate wow factor that remains

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With Allies instant assistance, Solita was able to submit a demanding offer in a very short notice.

In another critical project, where the data developer left at the last moment, they were able to find a better level talent in just 48 hours:

Allies is not just another reseller of CVs.

The collaboration between Solita and Allies began at the end of 2020 in a rather quick manner. Solita was preparing an offer to a major Finnish organization.

The requirements were challenging and Solita did not have data developers, that met all the criteria set out in the call for tender, immediately available. Solita employees, working on the bid, published the project on Solita partner network, to which Allies had recently joined.

Just prior to Christmas a “gift” was received in the shape of a nicely shaped offer by Allies. The suggested developers and price levels fitted like a glove to designated purpose. Solita was able to submit a convincing offer in an unusually short time. We were left with the wow effect from Allies operations.

Pekka Toppila, Solita's Operations Lead

The cooperation between Allies and Solita has continued in a similar manner ever since. Solita has provided assignments to Allies in both Finland and Sweden.

They supply us with senior level skills effortlessly, while being service-minded. They have a good understanding of our market, so we get to the heart of the matter quickly, without unnecessary small talk.

Pekka Toppila

A data developer resigned from an offered gig just before the finish line - a better fit was found to replace the missing talent at a blink of an eye.

In the software industry, it happens that people who have committed to a project for one reason or another withdraw their commitment unexpectedly. At worst, projects can be delayed and customer relations get tense due to the delays.

This was the case with one of Solita's critical projects. The data developer found for the project through Allies network decided to withdraw, just before the start. Allies found a new talent to replace him in under 48 hours. Solita and the end customers didn’t notice the swap until they were informed by Allies.

In fact, the replacement found was better fit, than the original. His skills and attitude exceeded all expectations.

Pekka Toppila

According to Solita, Allies great advantage compared to other talent sourcing companies is ability to find the right senior level professionals really quickly. There is no need for unnecessary tuning and middlemen in the process.

If we promise the customer certain answers in certain period of time, then promises must be kept. With Allies all has worked out in a promised way. Allies provides quick responses to our requests, at best an answer to our requests came in an hour.

Harri Kulmala, Solita's Sourcing Director

The service is not the cheapest on the market, but customers understand the value.

The software and data developers offered from Allies network are usually not the cheapest on the market. However, from Solita's point of view, this is of secondary importance.

The skills and expertise of the people Allies has provided for the projects has been exactly on required level, so we are willing to pay for what we receive. The price paid returns through added value, generated by high quality input of highly skilled professionals.

Our customers also understand the basics of pricing. Allies is not just another reseller of CVs. Allies expertise runs deeper to more strategic level.

Pekka Toppila

In Harri Kulmala's opinion, Allies approach is particularly suitable for actors like Solita, who have a great picture of what their customers require.

We know how to interpret customer thoughts to Allies. They quickly outline what we need and provide the right experts to execute that. Allies is an exceptional partner if you are looking for high level talents.

Harri Kulmala

Wondering how Allies can help your business overcome the coder shortage? Contact Priit Pavelson: or +372 555 83 271 (English & Finnish).