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Exove secures its promises to its customers with the help from Allies

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Janne Kalliola: Subscribers to Finnish digital projects must learn to buy in English so that projects and business growth do not slow down.

Exove, which offers digital growth solutions to its customers, had a very good start in 2021. In fact, so good that their own hands on deck were running out.

The risk was that not all of our clients' projects would have been completed on the scale and schedule they were planned.

Fortunately for us, the collaboration with Allies Digital was already in good shape. They found the right help and professional coders just when Exove needed them the most.

We would certainly have had to postpone some of our customer projects for later if we had not found help.

Exove's CEO Janne Kalliola

Allies has also been able to provide Exove with assistance that is not Exove's core competency. For example, the Allies network quickly found several experienced experts in the ERP system NetSuite that Exove was able to offer to the customer.

Allies have special expertise that we don’t have. And help has always been found.


Kalliola describes Allies as an important backup valve that enables both growth and customer-oriented business in every situation.

Thanks to Allies, we have a mechanism that works in unexpected situations where we need experienced help quickly. With their help, we are able to ensure our customer promise and customer satisfaction, and we don’t have to sell unexpectedly.

Finnish companies should be able to procure more talent in English

Janne Kalliola is concerned about the effects of the coder shortage in Finland. The shortage of up to 15,000 coders is also out of Finland's economic growth, as digitalisation and system development play a significant role in almost all new investments.

However, the shortage could be quickly solved with nearshore coders. Without their help, Kalliola believes that many development projects are impossible to execute.

Finnish companies and the public sector should be able to buy more services in English as well. Then we could make much better use of the know-how of the coders who moved to Finland and the growth potential offered by Allies.

In Kalliola's opinion, Allies' services are very suitable for Finnish companies. The business culture and values in Estonia, for example, are similar to those in Finland.

With Allies, there is no risk of having inexperienced juniors. Allies is well acquainted with the creators of his network and administrative matters have gone smoothly.

The requirements set by the GDPR are also met, as Allies operates in the EU. This makes projects easier because the rules of the game are clear and the information is not passed on to third parties.

Protecting end user privacy is very important in our industry. It is important to us that we share the same ethical values and practices.

Allies' passion catches on

Exove's CEO Janne Kalliola appreciates Allies' agile, flexible and reliable way of doing things. Things are taken care of, but without unnecessary hassle.

Allies is a solid key player in a positive way. Things are not left to dwell for too long, the action from Allies is no-nonsense approach in every way.

In Kalliola's opinion, Allies´ clear strength and differentiating factor are the founders' passion and genuine desire to help.

Allies wants the success of their network, they don’t work with a money out mentality. The passion for doing is great to watch and it catches on. The conversation is immediate, and things are not taken care of in a frown. Terribly nice group.


In Kalliola's opinion, Allies' way of operating is above all suitable for coder companies that want to grow together with the help of a professional partner.

Allies retain a vast amount of knowledge about the crew of their own network, so dare to buy from them. They have always sought and found the help we needed. With their help, we have been able to ensure our own customer promise and the satisfaction of our customers.

Wondering how Allies can help your business overcome the coder shortage? Contact Priit Pavelson: or +372 555 83 271 (English & Finnish).